First Global

Luxury assets Network

About Us

First Global Network is a global organisation created by real estate and luxury asset professionals. Our team consists of talented architects, designers, realtors, financial consultants and lawyers. We are in a position to assist our clients on every continent and our skill list enables us to offer advice in both selling and buying luxury assets as well as ensuring that both legal and financial structures are optimised in every situation. 

Our founding members have more than 100 years of combined experience in the world of high end assets and multinational transactions. Our work ethic is disciplined and we take pride of our high success rate and large number of satisfied clients. 

Our organisation has member offices in the Caribbean, London, Balearics (Ibiza and Mallorca), Scandinavia, Riga (Latvia) and Moscow and we are continuously expanding. Our asset portfolio is currently valued at over USD 960 million and growing at a steady pace. 

Real Estate and yacht brokerage services are offered in the Balearics as well as in our Moscow offices. Offshore corporations and banking services are provided by our team of experienced professionals. All major overseas domiciles are available including Schengen visa and EU residency permit services for qualified clients.