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Our team members

Alari Tinno
Long track record in construction management, real estate development and property sales in Estonia and Russia. Alari is fluent in Estonian, Russian and English languages. Strong network of professional contacts throughout Eastern Europe and Russia.

Massimo Chiodo
With over three decades of business experience with high end luxury brands and the yachting industry topped up with fluent Italian, English, Russian, French and Spanish languages Massimo is well qualified to open the right doors regardless of the chosen location. Massimo is based in Ibiza, Spain, where his companies Astra Yachting Services, Astra Marinas and Astra Elements are based.

Roberto Gourlay
International lawyer and high end realtor based in Palma de Mallorca. Roberto has over thirty years of experience in high end property and yacht sales. He is also an expert in the field of legal structures, finance and banking. He is a lisenced lawyer in Spain and the EU. Roberto is fluent in English, German, French and Spanish.

Vladimir Levkin
Based at the Royal Yacht Club in Moscow, Vladimir is one of the leading dealers of megayachts in the Russian markets with over 20 years of succesful trading in this demanding market place. He has recently included international high end properties in his portfolio. 

J-P E. Martins
Founder and chairman of FGN and with nearly 30 years of experience in running multinational companies and designing and developing several award winning private estates, J-P is well qualified to assess the true potential of any real estate asset. Global network of professionals in place to assist our clients to obtain the optimum end result. J-P is fluent in English, Spanish and all the Scandinavian languages. His expertise also includes contract drafting and international arbitration.